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Tractor front Dozer

front Dozer


Sanjay Udyog is the leading manufacturer of front dozer attachments for all types of tractors. With unmatched quality and durability, their attachments are built to last. They offer a wide range of options to suit different tractor models and applications, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with their excellent service and support. Invest in Sanjay Udyog for the best front dozer attachments.

Hydraulic Plough

hy. plough


Sanjay Udyog is a trusted manufacturer of hydraulic ploughs, offering durable and high-performing agricultural machinery. Our versatile ploughs adapt to different soil conditions, ensuring optimal results. With advanced hydraulic systems, our ploughs save time and increase efficiency. User-friendly design and excellent customer service make us the top choice for farmers. Experience the difference with Sanjay Udyog hydraulic ploughs.

Husk loader

HUSK loader 25 FOOT


Sanjay Udyog Vidisha is the leading loader and backhoe manufacturer in India. With a strong commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they offer top-notch products that cater to various industries. Their loaders and backhoes are built using advanced technology and superior craftsmanship, ensuring reliability and performance. Whether it's construction, agriculture, or mining, Sanjay Udyog Vidisha provides efficient and durable machinery that meets the highest standards. With their extensive range of products and a reputation for excellence, they have established themselves as the go-to choice for businesses seeking reliable and innovative equipment in India. Trust Sanjay Udyog Vidisha for all your loader and backhoe needs.


tractor fitted grader


Sanjay Udyog Tractor Grader is the leading manufacturer of John Deere tractor fitted graders. Our graders are the top choice for efficient land grading, offering enhanced efficiency and productivity. With their precision-engineered design, they are versatile and suitable for various applications such as road construction and leveling agricultural fields. Our graders are known for their durability, reliability, and ease of use, backed by exceptional after-sales support. When you choose Sanjay Udyog Tractor Grader, you can expect exceptional results in land grading

Front end loader

Front end loader


At Sanjay Udyog Vidisha, we take pride in manufacturing the finest quality rear loaders tailored specifically for small farmers. Our rear loaders are designed to reach heights of up to 10 feet and boast a bucket capacity of 300kg, making them ideal for trolley loading and other small-scale applications.
Recognizing the challenges faced by farmers in finding affordable equipment, we have set our prices at a remarkable 20% below the prevailing market rates. We understand that labor availability can be a significant concern, and our rear loaders are engineered to minimize the reliance on manual labor, optimizing efficiency and reducing the burden on farmers. 

Pole erection machine

pole erection machine


Sanjay Udyog Vidisha has firmly established itself as the foremost manufacturer in the field of pole erection machines, post hole diggers, augers, hydras, and cranes. Their commitment to quality and innovation is second to none. What sets them apart is their extensive range, offering a diverse selection from 4 hydraulic cylinder models to 12 hydraulic cylinder configurations, with a remarkable working capacity ranging from 600kg to a staggering 3000kg. Whether you require equipment for lifting and positioning poles or handling transformers, Sanjay Udyog Vidisha has a solution to meet your needs. Their machines are not only robust but also versatile, capable of reaching heights of up to 60 feet for pole and transformer installation. When it comes to reliability, durability, and versatility in the realm of pole erection and lifting machinery, Sanjay Udyog Vidisha is the trusted choice of professionals and industries worldwide.


hyDraulic PLough

Loader and Backhoe


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