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Terms and Conditions for Site Fitting by Sanjay Udyog Vidisha

Terms and Conditions for Site Fitting by Sanjay Udyog Vidisha

1. **Payment and Dispatch:** The party is required to make complete payment prior to dispatch, inclusive of transportation costs.

2. **Post-Dispatch Assurance:** Following dispatch from the factory, the receiving party will be informed of the approximate delivery timeline, distance, road conditions, and any potential challenges. However, Sanjay Udyog Vidisha holds no liability for unforeseen road issues or delays beyond reasonable control.

3. **Assembly Requirements:** While the majority of the materials arrive fully assembled, certain tractor-mounted items may require on-site assembly, contingent upon the type of tractor involved.

4. **Installation Team Arrangements:** Upon receipt of the materials, the installation team will be transported via train or bus to the site. Accommodation and stay arrangements for the team will be the responsibility of the receiving party.

5. **Trial and Completion:** Upon completion of installation, a trial will be conducted to ensure functionality. Once the trial is successful, the installation team will depart from the site.

6. **Scope of Work:** The installation team is exclusively responsible for the designated fitting tasks and will not engage in any additional repair work beyond the agreed-upon installation.

7. **Essential Equipment:** The installation area must be equipped with necessary tools such as welding machines and tool kits to facilitate the fitting process effectively.

*Additional Notes:*

- Sanjay Udyog Vidisha emphasizes timely payment to ensure smooth dispatch and delivery processes.
- It is advisable for the receiving party to communicate any specific site constraints or requirements in advance to facilitate seamless installation.
- Any deviations or modifications to the agreed-upon terms must be mutually discussed and confirmed in writing by both parties prior to implementation.

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